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Part of the problem with being the only woman in the company is that no one ever tells you how cute your new shoes are.

Cute New Shoes

The camera on my new Droid works pretty well, too!

Have a lovely Wednesday, y’all.


Erin says:

Very very cute and I love your pedicure! (I need one).
I also need a droid. xo

LPC says:

Well, the Cute Shoes club right here will applaud for you right now.

Linda says:

Sa-WEEEET new shoes!!!!!! Love those!!!

Ginger says:

And the flowers on the big toes? Even cuter!

Those are so fun! They would be perfect for BlogHer … are you going this year?
Also – how do you like your Droid?

I LOVE your new shoes!! Where did you get them? And I LOVE your pedicure!! I need to do something cool (and pretty) like that! 🙂

Oh yeah, cute shoes, cute phone!

Mrsbear says:

Cute piggies, accentuated by the cute shoes. 😉

Love the sandals! Love the pedi! So you gave up your crackberry for a droid? What do you think? Miss you.

Anne Gibert says:

Thank you for showing us those cute, cute shoes. I wonder if an old woman like me would look well in such shoes. I think I should try.

Jenni says:

Cute! Nice pedi too.

Mama Badger says:

Ok, I would usually frown upon the photo display of adult feet, but those are mighty darn cute! You’d think a boy would notice and at least give you a compliment. Duh.

Michele says:

Those shoes are adorable. The phone too.

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