Live Real. Eat Real.

Whole30, Day 2

Yesterday was…rough.  Not from a diet point of view, just from a life point of view.

Breakfast was 3 cups of coffee.

Lunch was literally a couple of bites of leftover chili from the chili dogs.

Dinner was, well, non-existent.

(TC, I walked for a little over a mile on the treadmill yesterday morning.  That’s two burpees…)

When I’m truly stressed or upset, I sometimes find it very difficult to eat.  Just the thought makes me nauseous, and when it gets that way anything I do try to eat is likely to just come back up.  The upside to this is, of course, that I have no desire to eat drink anything that I shouldn’t, so I call that a win.

While the unbloggable stresses of yesterday are far from resolved, I feel calmer this morning and will eat today.  I’ll let you know what I eat tomorrow.

Have a great weekened, everyone.

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