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Wordless Wednesday


SSG says:

waiting for accidental spillage!

SSGs last blog post..Ow

Linda T. says:

I have 2 dogs that I trip over when I am working in the kitchen. “go lie down” is the command that that they hear a lot. It is an all purpose phrase that means stop staring at me and leave the vicinity.

Slick says:

I thought he was washing dishes for a second there!

Whewwwww 😉

Slicks last blog post..Free For All….

Linda says:

Mine doesn’t even enter the kitchen when I’m in there cuz I never cook give her scraps. But open a deli bag and BAM! she’s standing on your foot!

Lindas last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

shonda says:

This warmed my heart and I’m not even one of those dog lovers.

shondas last blog post..People’s Sexiest Man Alive Is…….

phhhst says:

Great shot. The tail position says “Hey! Drop something my way!”

phhhsts last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #8

Beloved and Scooter. awwwwwwww……….

I really like that he’s so color coordinated. The red stripe matches his shirt perfectly!!

Midlife Slicess last blog post..Pumpkins Everywhere

Jan says:

MLS – that’s his favorite warm shirt, which he wears inside out because it’s “fuzzier” on the outside than inside. The socks are his thermal socks – it’s been very cold here for the last several days. I don’t know what he’s going to say when he finds out I’ve plastered his behind all over the internet. LOL

Slick – oh, he washes dishes too. And does laundry, including ironing.

As for the rest of you, thank you all so much for not commenting on my dirty kitchen windows and beat-to-shit dishwasher. I appreciate it! 😀

goodfather says:

Must not… make… comment about… windows or dishwasher…

Great pic! There’s something so comforting about a warm, peaceful kitchen.

goodfathers last blog post..What I’d really like to do is direct

Di says:

Your dog and my dog think alike. Ha ha

The Blue Ridge Gal

Dis last blog post..Celebrities…. Hmmpff

SSG says:

I think your house looks great- lived in and warm and friendly!

SSGs last blog post..And up again…

HeatherPride says:

“Hey Dad! Psst, Dad! Down here, Dad! Come on, gimme some love…..Dad? DAD??”

HeatherPrides last blog post..Spin Cycle : My Fave

I have to ask if Beloved has a package of cheese. Scooter looks just like our dogs any time cheese is opened. Somehow they can hear a cheese package a mile away. And I didn’t even notice the kitchen. Shhhhh don’t point things like that out.

Smart Mouth Broads last blog post..NEW GIRL IN TOWN

Jan says:

SMB – no; while Scooter absolutely LOVES cheese, what Beloved has is even better: he’s cutting up the roast chicken we had for dinner Sunday night.

LMAO – Heather wins the prize for “best caption of this photo.”

Be says:

If I took a picture of HER backside in HER comfies and plastered it all over the Internet, I would be in divorce court!

I want a recount!

If Beloved is smart he will make a copy of this photo for the next time you tell him he never helps around the house. 😀 😀

Stepping Thrus last blog post..Middle Child

thistle says:

that is a cute little schnausage…and polite too…mine are all airborne when i’m doing anything resembling food prep…they’re like Tigger boinging up and down…annoying as hell if it’s a day when i’m fully aware of my surroundings.

thistles last blog post..I Can Handle a Little Housekeeping But Not Much More…

tricia says:

Oh my. I had a cute little comment all ready to type and then I saw BE’s comment and now I’m just dying. He has a point, but I quickly concluded a recount and Jan’s still way ahead!

tricias last blog post..Wondering on Wednesday: Did Your Taste Buds Mature?

Ellen says:

Yeah, this happens at our house too. Only the nose is level with the kitchen counter.

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