You Capture: Youth

I owe my friend Mama Badger an apology.  I promised her photos of a certain young man, but alas!  He was not able to visit us this past weekend.

I am so sorry.  There is little that makes up for the lack of chubby, blue-eyed sweetness.

It also puts me at a loss for this week’s You Capture, which is “Youth.”  You see, I was depending on the opportunity to photograph our darling bundle of youthful joy in order to overwhelm all the other participants.  Instead, I’m stuck with a photo of the first crocus to bloom in our desperately-in-need-of-mulching garden.

Pride.  It goes before a fall, or so they say.

And you work with what you have, I guess.


First Crocus

14 thoughts on “You Capture: Youth”

  1. I love the first flowers of spring. Unfortunately, we are done with all that. It’s been in the 80s the last couple of days so even the wisteria has started to fade. Feel very sorry for me right now. It’s coming up on braise season.

    1. Thank you! It’s no longer lone – we have them shooting up all over the place, now! Of course, we’re supposed to get snow tonight. Swell.

  2. Wait, what? Did you just throw a flower up there instead of a little boy? As though that would assuage me? A flower? Instead of cute blond chub? Ugh, I’m going to have to depend on my own little guys for cuteness again this week. And considering their behavior as of late, it’s not all that cute around here.

    1. *hangs head* Yeah, I know. But it couldn’t be helped; his mom is having car trouble and they couldn’t make it this weekend. 🙁

    1. Oh, you and me both! We’ve had a warm spell for the last five day, but this afternoon a cold front moved through, bringing thunderstorms and hail. Tonight? Snow in the forecast. SO not fair.

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